School Services

Down South Therapy Services currently provides high quality Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy services to over 50 schools in the South Metropolitan, Eastern Corridor, Peel and South West regions of WA.

Our Team can assist Schools with but not limited to the following services:

  • Screening and Assessment - inclusive of information sessions to parents and teachers and provision of reports and strategies
  • Post-assessment feedback - inclusive of workshops, professional development sessions, home and school programs
  • Professional development sessions tailored to your school and needs for teachers, education assistants and parents
  • Development of individualised, small group and whole class programs
  • Assistance in the provision and recommendation of specialized equipment and classroom based modifications to benefit and maximize students learning and development
  • Provision of 1:1, small group and whole class intervention sessions
  • Provision of specialist services to teachers and education assistants for the duration of the school day – i.e. information provision specific to students/classrooms, professional development sessions, involvement and active learning in group and or 1:1 intervention sessions, on-site training to staff members and parents
  • Assistance in the development if Individualised Education Plans (IEP development)
  • Provision of Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Physiotherapy activity packs, small group and whole class lesson plans

As a mobile therapy service, Down South Therapy Services does not charge travel costs to schools or families. Assistance in applications for grants/funding is available upon request.

Down South Therapy Services will meet with your school to develop an individualised flexible plan and program, providing long-term sustainable benefits for your students, staff and school.

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