Jodie, You are the most amazing occupational therapist we have ever had - and we have had seven over the time from the diagnostic process until now! You are extremely easy to talk to, easy to relate to! I love how you make even the most boring tasks fun - how you have so much positive energy that even when Max is grumpy and dramatic, you still draw him out and move on! I like how you focus on a smaller field as part of a bigger picture. You accentuate his strengths and praise him a lot. He has come a long way since we have seen you. A long way since they said he wouldn't be able to go to age appropriate schooling and may not speak! He is going well at school and is very popular! Not sure where we would be without you.... Forever in your debt! Even though you're a Melbourne supporter lol


As a teacher in early childhood, I can't recommend Down South Therapy Services (Jodie and Faith) enough. Their professionalism when visiting students and classrooms is to be commended. The services they offer students and parents are awesome and the support, guidance and resources they give to assist classroom teachers goes beyond their session. Thanks for everything Jodie and Faith, you have made such a difference to my students and their families!

Melinda Scarfe
Teacher, Rockingham Lakes Primary
Learning Support Coordinator  

Hi Jodie, Just wanted to let you know how refreshing your visit was yesterday.  Your attitude towards offering support to others is very encouraging.  I have been in this industry for many years and I am starting to see a bit of a shift in the way workers are engaging with their clients, very exciting and about time.  Your open approach is very user friendly and respectful and will benefit many. I wish you well in your business and hope we can maintain contact and work together to make lives happier.

Peel Youth Services

I would thoroughly recommend Down South Therapy Services not only as parent of a child who has received assistance, but also as a teacher who has referred students for Occupational therapy. Down South Therapy Services always provides quick feedback and practical advice for me to use to assist my own child and also to utilise within my own classroom. The mobile service is convenient and also allows the therapist direct access to the child's classroom and the teacher. Down South Therapy Services is just a phone call away and are always willing to provide over the phone advice.

Tracey Ball
Parent and Teacher

I am very grateful for Jodie and her team for the compassionate and professional service that they have provided to my son with ASD. The individualised programme that he has received has allowed him to express his intelligence and individuality, whilst gaining the confidence and skills required to succeed. Thanks Jodie.

Viki Link

Thanks for such a great team. Both OT and SP are very nice and have lots of ideas and information. So super impressed with them. Also both ladies seem to care.


Group Feedback:

  • Bailey really enjoyed himself, definitely would recommend to friends.
  • Chance really enjoyed himself, he was sad when the 2 weeks were up, thank you!
  • Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Felt like the kids were respected and talked to as ‘people’, not just told the ‘what’ without the ‘why’ as is often the case. I’ve already seen evidence of the positive impact this group has made at home and I think it's given Jeremy confidence that he can. I hope his school class can live up to this great standard.
  • Jamie has loved the group work and has moved forward so far in these 2 weeks.
  • Just overall a great program to help prepare our kids for getting back to school.
  • I felt supported and usually hesitate to leave him and didn’t! I was thrilled with the way the kids were treated.
  • Facilitators were brilliant with great communication to parents.


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